If you want to be as safe as possible:

  • Take the option Bus instead of Metro, it allows you to wait outside and you can always decide to leave it or not board it if it’s too crowded.
  • Alternately, rent or use a bike to reach the beginning of the walk, and change its itinerary at one point to make it a loop tour.
  • Skip the visits inside.
  • Keep your distances and/or have a mask ready.
  • Be prepared to forget restrooms and restaurants. If not, having hand sanitizer with you could be useful.
  • Walk early in the morning, late in the evening and/or during an off-rush hour weekday to have more space for you.

Gradually, things will reopen and be more accessible; it’s up to you to see the degree of risk you’ll accept.

Remember that your actions can affect others, so be considerate of them even if, as far as you are concerned, you are not afraid of anything.