discovering Greenwich Village

Walk in NYC # 10, discovering Greenwich Village, is a 3 miles self-guided tour that will take you about 2 hours of walking and taking photos, more if you visit the different galleries along the way. The streets are quite and pretty, sometimes lined with little restaurants or boutiques, it’s a pleasure to meander through them.

This walk is now only available on Payhip in pdf format with a clickable map and updated descriptions.

In this pdf you will also find:

  • the list of Highlights.
  • the Metro stops to get there and back and infos for Buses.
  • tips about restrooms, places to sit and eat.
  • details about a particular place you will find on your route.

You can download it (or just the map of the walk) to your phone to help you in your discoveries.

This will allow you to live a unique experience of the city far from what you might find elsewhere.

If you purchased the Boston NYC book, this download will be free for you, just send me a note for an access code for this walk if you don’t have it already.

The description below, incomplete and with cropped photos, gives you an idea of this walk before you decide to buy it.

A: Take the metro to …; once in the square, find … and go towards the Hudson River.

B: At …, turn left.

You’ll soon see the beautiful contemporary buildings of ….. Its gallery is accessible along the …to the right after …. and it could well be your first stop.

C: Next, at … turn right and then left on…

The streets here are not of any particular interest but you are looking for t… and its gallery. It will be on your left just before … on the 2nd floor and it’s also worth a stop.

D: After your visit, head towards …. and take it on the left. 

You’ll reach the small …., one of the hearts of Greenwich Village.

From there, take the … and turn left on …..

The idea is to get lost in these quiet little tree-lined streets and red brick houses; then you’ll find here and there the restaurants, cafes and shops that make the charm of the place.

E: If you follow …., you’ll reach …

It was the center of the gay protests of the 1970s when an adjacent bar, the Stonewall, was invaded by the police. The place is now one of the smallest National Parks in the United States. Its 4 statues, the Stonewall Monument, commemorate the struggles of the LGBT community.

F: After that, follow … until you reach … and take a left. At …, turn right to enter the large …with its amazing calm and Italian style decorations.

Then walk past …. to turn left onto … a nice little street that joins … At …, take a right and …will come after a row of restaurants.

A lot of entertainment on …, for all ages and all tastes; this will be the perfect place to take a break and watch the crowd.

G: When you are ready, cross t… toward the East. You want to find the …of the University of New York and its free exhibitions on two floors.

Once outside again, take…toward….

You’ll follow “… a beautiful row of Victorian houses. During the 20th century, they were home to many artists at a time when the place was no longer considered popular.

Turn right on … and a bit further on  right, you’ll see … the back of “…and its former stables. 

It is now a private street and a beautiful row of low houses that comes as a surprise in this area. It’s home to some professors of New York University.

H: At …, turn left to reach the ….on your left. It has exhibitions open to the public, so you can enter the building, a charming old one.

Then keep going on … and turn right on …

I: You won’t miss, on your left, an incongruous Victorian-Gothic building with turrets and red bricks. This is the …, now a public library.  The interior, worth a look, looks sometimes like a Middle-Ages castle!

From there, turn right onto …. which will become… once you pass ….

J: Your goal is …. It will be in front of you when you reach …

A Gothic style structure, it’s imposing and calm, and it’s how you’ll nearly end this tour. You’ll only have to keep going North on … to find … and your starting point.

From here, you can take the tail end of Walk in NYC # 7, from Grand Central to Union Square, or Walk in NYC # 8, Midtown East Side.

Leaving … you can also take … to the South until … the starting point of Walk in NYC # 9, bohemian East Village.

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