the essentials of Lower Manhattan

This walk is the second of my 3 favorites to introduce New York to newcomers. It’s a 4 miles self-guided tour that covers the main attractions of Lower Manhattan.

It is now only available on Payhip in pdf format with a clickable map and updated descriptions.

In this pdf you will also find:

  • the list of Highlights.
  • the Metro stops to get there and back and infos for Buses.
  • tips about restrooms, places to sit and eat.
  • details about a particular place you will find on your route.

You can download it (or just the map of the walk) to your phone to help you in your discoveries.

This will allow you to live a unique experience of the city far from what you might find elsewhere.

If you purchased the Boston NYC book, this download will be free for you, just send me a note for an access code for this walk.

The description below, incomplete and with cropped photos, gives you an idea of this walk before you decide to buy it.

A: Take the metro to …to exit in a small park in front of …

You are in the middle of majestic 19th / early 20th century building, most of them administrative ones, yet in nature with the sound of water coming from a fountain. If you are missing maps or plans, there’s a tourist information kiosk in the park.

…is free to visit and impressive, but inquire before to know the exact hours. Otherwise take…to the south, and pass the beautiful neo-gothic …. For 17 years, it has been the tallest building in the world and you can visit it for a fee.

Next, take …on your right, just before …. Go inside to know more about its role after 9/11. You’ll learn that it was the tallest building in New York in the 18th century.

B: Once on …, turn left to reach …. It will take you about two hours to visit it, and the experience is poignant. Take your ticket in advance if you want to avoid queuing too long.

The same goes for … (count one more hour).

C: When you are ready to go further, take the pedestrian lane along …to go south. You’ll walk along a group of recently built buildings, most of them apartments, but don’t forget to look back to get a view of …from a distance.

Once at the end of…, you are in …

Once there, you’ll perhaps find, on the registers …, the name of some of your ancestors.

D: If you’d rather skip the visit , or after, stay along the sea to se…; walk on the small promenade where many movies have been shot; look at the city behind you and at the buildings among the trees; then head to …

With a little luck and some running …

Count about two hours for the whole experience. It will give you the opportunity to rest and take a break!

E: You may now be hungry and looking for cozy restaurants. You’ll find some in and around …,  with different prices and different cuisines.

In any case, go and have a look there, the small streets and relatively small houses make quite a contrast with the other side of…

F: Next, find …and go toward …. Once at … Park, the .. Museum, free and architecturally impressive, will be on your left.

On your right, you’ll see the famous… probably assaulted by tourists. The …

G: Continue on find the… on your left, yet another stark contrast to the surrounding buildings. You can visit it, especially for its…

See if you can find the… , one of the founding fathers of the USA.

F: Take ..on your right, opposite …, and turn left … to pass the ….

You cannot visit any more since 9/11, but you can, however, enter … not far from it, … It is an imposing building that is also …, and it will allow you to take another break and learn a bit about US history.

I: Next, take …, turn left, then turn right on….

It was once an important …. It has be renovated with shops and restaurants that you can ignore if you wish, but go to … to have a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan, East River side.  You’ll also go along old sailing ships.

J: All you have to do now is take … until you find … subway station, at the corner …. That will be the end of this tour of Lower Manhattan.

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