This 5 miles unusual walk in Flushing and Corona can be divided into 2 parts of about 3 miles each (as it is longer if you do it in two parts!):

  • the first one, in Flushing, will focus on the New Chinatown, some temples and a botanical garden.
  • the second, at Corona, will focus on Flushing Meadows Park, two museums and a zoo.

It is now only available on Payhip in pdf format with a clickable map and updated descriptions.

In this pdf you will also find:

  • the list of Highlights.
  • the Metro stops to get there and back and infos for Buses.
  • tips about restrooms, places to sit and eat.
  • details about a particular place you will find on your route.

You can download it (or just the map of the walk) to your phone to help you in your discoveries.

This will allow you to live a unique experience of the city far from what you might find elsewhere.

If you purchased the Boston NYC book, this download will be free for you, just send me a note for an access code for this walk.

The description below, incomplete and with cropped photos, gives you an idea of this walk before you decide to buy it.

Walk in Flushing and Corona: full tour or 1st part

A: Your walk starts at …

Once on …, you’ll know right away why the place is called the …: if the Asian alphabets are not all the same, they’re still incomprehensible unless you know the language they refer to.

The … almost in front of you, has a basement filled with dozens of fast-food restaurants with menus that are also indecipherable. On the 1st floor, you’ll find shops, also local. A little further, a large market of fresh but often unusual produces.

Once out, take …. on your left: the impressions of being in an Asian capital is getting stronger.

B: Continue on … on your left; you will soon be in front of the…; to find the… entrance, turn right a bit further, on …; then enter the Colonial house on your right; someone will surely be available for you. If you want to be sure, call ahead and make an appointment.

The interior is impressive, renovated thanks to the sale of the school in front of which you have just passed; the guide knows a lot about its history and the history of Flushing in general.

You will learn that the inhabitants of Flushing did not want to become Protestants even though that what the Dutch wanted in the 17th century. They passed an ordinance authorizing all religions, hence the abundance of churches and temples in the city. For a long time, the neighborhood was predominantly Jewish.

Once out ….take …

C: You are now in quiet streets; in the vicinity of the…,. you’ll begin to see many Indians. You won’t miss the temple on your left, imposing and somewhat incongruous.

Its main entrance with columns and deities is on …, but to visit it, the entrance is on …. You’ll have to leave shoes, bags and cameras there; if you have never been to …, this is probably the best experience of the country you can have in New York.

In the basement, you’ll find a cafeteria with excellent vegetarian food.

D: Once full of …, take … on the right; then …. on the left.

The…is much smaller but just as interesting. You can sit there and let the songs soothe you. The atmosphere is very collected and reverential, the welcome warm.

E: Once out, continue on …; turn right then right again on …. The ….is very different from the … temples: in the form of a pagoda, with the statue of the Buddha inside, the incense replaces the coconuts. This will be yet another experience.

You could keep going in that fashion for a while as there are many other temples and churches in Flushing, but your destination is now t….

If you don’t want to visit it but finish your tour here, stay on…. You’ll find there many shops and restaurants and your starting point, at the end of the Blvd. That will also be the end of the tour 1.

F: Now if you want to visit the …, turn left.

The entrance to t.. will be practically opposite you on the other side…

Opened on the occasion of the 1939 World Fair and enlarged during that of 1964-65, it offers themed spaces, an art gallery and beautiful photo opportunities.

Once you have visited it, you can still go back to your starting point if you take … on your left when you go out.

Otherwise, find the bridge over …cross the football field; go under ….

This is not the most enjoyable part of the tour, a bit desolate, in between highways; the map here is not very accurate as it takes you out of… yet you should be able to easily see where to go once you are on location.

In fact, if you do not want to go through …., go through … then ….then … (the map here is more accurate); cross the football field then …to enter …

Walk in Flushing and Corona, full tour or beginning of the 2nd part.

If you have decided to do the tour #2 only, from …. take the pedestrian bridge that passes over the metro trains. At the roundabout, follow the pedestrian ….

G: Your destination is the… a giant world map built for the 1964-65 World Fair. If you are doing the full tour, you will reach it by going along the … then the reflecting pools.

In front of the…, you’ll see the … once the home of the United Nation General Assembly. It houses art galleries and the New York Panorama, a reconstruction of the city to scale. Built for the 1964 fair, then modified to acknowledge new constructions, it is accurate until 1992.

H: A little further, on your right once … the ….and its futuristic structures. If you’ve seen the movie “Men in Black”, this is where it ends. It is also the occasion of original photos.

I: Then, take the pedestrian bridge on your left between the…. The …will be on your right.

If you don’t have time to visit it, you’ll see ….Further on, the…. will appear with its unique architecture and its children’s aerial trails.

To visit it, and/or reach the end of the tour, go to …and turn right.

Your destination will be the…

On your way, you’ll see two rockets that are part of t…; near the metro station, many restaurants and shops, yet this time from Latin America!

That’s it for this walk in Flushing and Corona!

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